Gilby Clarke with Kill for Thrills "Commercial Sucide"
USA 1989
Gilby Clarke with Kill for Thrills "Dinamite from Nightmare Land"
USA 1990
"Izzy Stradlin & The Ju Ju Hounds"
USA 1992 Geffen Records
Duff McKagan "Believe in Me"
USA 1993 Geffen Records
Slash's Snakepit "It's Five o'clock in Somewhere"
USA 1995 Geffen Records
Gilby Clarke "Pawnshop Guitars"
USA 1995 Virgin Records
Neurotic Outsiders (Duff n' Matt)
USA 1996 Virgin Records
Gilby Clarke "The Hangover"
USA 1997 Paradigm Records
Izzy Stradlin "117"
USA 1998 Geffen Records
Ten Minute Warning (Duff)
USA 1998 Sub Pop Records
Gilby Clarke "Rubber"
USA 1998
Duff McKagan "Beautiful Disease"
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