Live ?!*@ like a suicide

1/Reckless Life
2/Nice Boys
3/Move To The City
4/Mama Kin

 USA         86 12" limited to 10000 [USR-001]
 USA         86 3"CD promo [PRO-CD-USR 001]*
 * This is a bootleg reproduction!

Appetite for destruction promo flexi

1/Welcome to the jungle (sample)*
2/Out ta get me (sample)*
3/Night train (sample)*
* Izzy and Slash interviews played over the samples

 USA         87 7" square promo flexi [1029221CS]

Aerosmith/Guns N' Roses

1/Rag doll (edit version) [Aerosmith]
2/Angel [Aerosmith]
3/Dude looks like a lady [Aerosmith]
4/Sweet child o' mine
5/Welcome to the jungle

 USA         87 5" promo CD [PRO-CD-2132]

Live from the jungle EP (Japanese title)/Guns N' Roses EP (English title)

1/It's so easy*
2/Shadow of your love*
3/Move to the city
4/Knockin' on heaven's door*
5/Whole lotta rosie*
6/Sweet child o' mine
* live at the marquee club, London, 28/6/87

 Japan       11/5/88 12"EP [P-6270]
 Japan       11/5/88 5"CD [25XD-977]
 Japan       11/5/88 TA [PKF-1055]

GN'R (Japanese 12" promo)

1/Paradise city
2/Welcome to the jungle
4/Sweet child o' mine

 Japan       89 12" promo [PRS-10]
 Reproductions commonly available on collecting market

Use your illusion I and II Promo Bible

All tracks of both albums

 Japan       91 double CD [GEFFEN/MCA MVCG 43/44]
 USA         91 double CD, ltd. to 2000 [PRO-CD-4244]

Sample your illusion - UK radio 7 track promo

1/You could be mine
2/Don't cry
3/November rain
4/Bad obsession
5/Civil War
6/Double talkin jive 7/Estranged

 UK          91 5"CD promo in unique sleave [W-GNR-D1]

Guns N' Roses - selections from use your illusion I II.

2/Don't cry (original)
3/Live and let die
4/The garden
5/14 years
6/November rain
7/Knockin' on heaven's door

 USA         91 5"CD promo [PRO-CD-4328]
 USA         91 TA promo [PRO-C-4328]

Guns N' Radio - Use your illusion promo sampler

1/Don't cry (original)
2/Live and let die
4/Pretty tied up
5/Dust n' bones
6/The garden
7/Bad obsession
9/Knockin' on heavens door
10/November rain
11/14 years

 USA         91 5"CD promo in unique sleave [PRO-CD- 4340]

Guns N' Roses - on tour now

2/Don't cry (original)
4/Live and let die
5/You could be mine
6/The garden
7/14 years
8/November rain
9/Civil war
10/Knockin' on heaven's door
11/ Estranged

 USA         91 5"CD promo in unique sleave [PRO-CD-4441]

Guns N' Roses (Australian promo CD and TA)

1/Civil war
2/Don't cry (alt. lyrics)
3/Live and let die*
4/Shadow of your love (demo)
5/Sweet child o' mine
7/Knockin' on heaven's door+
* live at wembley stadium, 13/8/91
+ live at wembley stadium, 20/4/92

 Australia   8/9/92 CD promo [GNRD1]
 Australia   8/9/92 TA promo [GNRC1]

Slash interview

1/Slash interview from 15th March 1993 26 minutes

 Germany     93 5"CD [GED21825][PRO-CD-4441]